Why Jezebel Has the Wrong Approach to Feminism, Period.
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“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people” – Eleanor Roosevelt

In order to say how Jezebel has the wrong approach to feminism, I guess I’d need a good idea of what feminism is in 2014. And God only knows at this point, because Jezebel has ruined it. Before the Internet, being a feminist meant that your boss couldn’t fire you just because you refused to let him grab your tits. That was a good thing. These days, feminism is more about hurt feelings and trigger warnings, blogs about rape jokes, ironic racism, and fat shaming. It used to be about the pill and the right to be a female priest. Now it’s about outrage and clickbait.

Jezebel plays upon the worst female stereotype: that of the gossipy, shrill, cliquish, therapy-tethered, cast of Girls-style spoiled brat. Jezebel writers act the way misogynistic men mistakenly believe all women act, with a stick up their ass and their nose in an iPhone. This website, and sites like them, have single-handedly set back badass chicks faster than Sleater Kinney in a tractor beam.

‘Ohmahgod gurrrl! Joss Whedon loves women but not in the right way!’ What he said was bad and wrong. We’re above it because we are pointing it out to you. And now you’re above it too because you read it! Let’s be super above stuff together!

Here’s a story accusing a guy of being rapist.
Here’s one that smears the reputations of teenagers and drops an n-bomb in the url.

And did you know that a Hobbit made a joke about raping an elf? Let’s all sneer at him, shall we? Tsk-Tsk!
Now, I shouldn’t show anyone the following Jezebel story before it’s published, but I had a hot tip on this and I can’t help but share it.

Here goes!

Super Hot Closeted Gay Men Are Blowing My G*DDamn Mind!
by Madeline Davies

Hold up. Can I just say one thing? No srsly. We here at Jez are looooving this list of gay men in the closet in the rural South. They’re super adorbs and some of them are even in the military (SWOOOON!) Hands down fave: Ahmed, whose fundamentalist Muslim father said he’d behead him if he ever found him – quote – slurping the American serpent. What now? Well, call me an infidel, because here’s a picture of Ahmed kissing his boyfriend. SQUEE!

(Oh, sorry. That’s a Nick Cave song about moral hypocrites. How’d THAT get in here?)
Editor Anna Holmes originally set out to make Jezebel “unapologetically feminist” but so much of the site is nothing more than vicious libel.

A friend of mine—a fabulous lady who is a published writer, teacher, and mental health advocate—had a personal experience with Jezebel a few years ago. Gawker posted a picture of her along with an explanation of her suicide attempt. Since she likes to work and have jobs and crazy unfeminist stuff like that, she wrote to Gawker and asked them to please take the harmful video down. She called and called; they ignored and ignored. Finally, she just went into the office to speak to them face-to-face.

Here’s what she had to say about the experience:

“Just in case anyone is wondering just how evil Jezebel is, when Gawker bullied me for my suicide attempt, I wrote to Jezebel to tell them that I was going to the office to speak with the (female) editor about bullying the mentally ill. I told them that as feminists, I thought they’d be interested in seeing a woman stand up for other women with mental illnesses. They forwarded my email to the Gawker editor, and she printed it out and waved it in my face when I came in.”

To recap: My friend is an unapologetic rocking feminist with balls of steel. Jezebel is a gossip rag run by snarling, hypocritical shrews. They do not care about women, they care about themselves. So why are we paying attention to them? Why are we sharing their links? 

Why does NPR commend Jezebel for “jolly feminist cultural commentary”? Why is Lindy West winning awards for Women’s Media while simultaneously acting as the self-appointed thought police for standup comedy? Is this kind of tabloid feminism that young women should aspire to?

According to Alexa.com, Jezebel is ranked the 604 most popular website in the United States and the second most popular search term for finding their website is as follows:



A cronut, if you don’t know, is a cross between a croissant and a donut. It’s flaky, glossy, and devoid of actual substance.

I don’t call myself a feminist. The Machiavellian witch hunts of the Jezebel Baby-sitters Club and other “jolly feminist commentators” just like them are the main reason I won’t use the term.

Now, when strong, opinionated women such as myself want to distance themselves from a movement historically known for women’s strength, you’d think people might take a moment for reflection. Like so-called Christians picketing an abortion clinic, perhaps take a second to look inward and check to see what happened to your morals and your organization.

However, instead of looking inward, they attack outward. They published this article: The Many Misguided Reasons Famous Ladies Say I’m Not A Feminist. in which they completely ignore the fact that another woman might not be stupid, but might—gasp—have valid, well-thought out reasons to disagree with them.

Jezebel has taken a page from improv comedy in which there is never a reply of “no” there is only “yes, and…”. This is hardly surprising since improv sucks and isn’t funny.

After all, far be it for Madonna to not fall in line with the historically important bloggers at Jezebel. Bjork? PJ Harvey? Please! What have these feeble, useless women ever done for themselves? Poor, pathetic, misguided waifs. They probably don’t even live in Brooklyn! 

(Ironically, if a misogynist wanted to negate and invalidate the opinions of a woman, he’d probably say something like “she’s just misguided”).

Personally, I loved what Bjork had to say about why she’s not a feminist. I refuse to ally myself with a group of women who make their living by being tightass, humorless cunts, and, quite frankly, are wasting everyone’s time in the process.

Even in 2014, it blows my mind that Christian pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions. Victims of domestic violence are easily gaslit when a man simply tells the police that she’s “crazy”. There are real women’s issues out there, if only Jezebel actually chose to cover them.

Unfortunately, we Mary Tyler Moore city gals present a real conundrum for the writers Jezebel, since we are mostly living out uneventful and drama-free lives as non-raped women who buy birth control and have jobs and get abortions as we please. There aren’t enough actual stories in metro area to warrant running a frivolous, highly trafficked blog that pulls in ad revenue from outraged feminists. And so, they manufacture them.

Ladies? Ladies. They need you to be mad so they can make money. Don’t share their links. 

(I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t know, but maybe, just for a split second, you saw an article about cute puppies and forgot.)

I have a theory about Internet feminists who spend their days writing blog posts as the moral arbiters of society. I suspect they are sociopathic. Think about it. These women need a list of no-no words because they actually don’t know right from wrong.

I think they are secretly horrid, hateful people who use feminism like Dexter’s murder code. They don’t know how to behave, not really, not in their hearts. They only know what they’ve been told is right and told is wrong. You didn’t mean to hurt someone’s feelings? Well, guess what! What you meant isn’t important any more. The only important thing is what I wanted you to mean.

And so, the bloggers navigate rape jokes and racial tensions like a ride on a sabbath elevator stopping at every floor. Finding a way to travel as they please without technically breaking any laws. They’ve made so many rules they’re now making rules to get around their own rules.

As far as I’m concerned, the only people who claim intentions don’t matter are those who have fundamentally bad intentions.

You may recall this Jezebel article that went viral last year: Can You Tell the Difference Between a Men’s Magazine and a Rapist?

Funny, right? Unfortunately, I actually took the time to read the book they took the rapist’s quotes from. To say this was shoddy journalism at best would be an understatement. Ellipses used within the rapists quotes signified—not a short break in thought—but a huge leap to a brand new quote on a completely different page about a completely different subject. No wonder the rapists sound so much like men’s magazines when you’re cherry picking and doctoring the quotes like Fem-enstein’s monster. 

How on earth—with all those fancy journalism degrees and omnipresent white privilege and proper internships on their way to the Jezebel office—how is it that no one took just a moment to fact check (don’t even tell me they don’t have at least five various family members from Columbia to intern for them)?

Jezebel writers, what do you do for the world? Do you offer positive things? Do you write, draw, sing, run, dance? Since you are feminists, do you take advantage of anything that feminism has actually given women the freedom to do? Or do you just sit around pointing fingers and drumming up outrage for impressionable college girls?

You call yourselves feminists but you’re just feminine. You’re everything cliched and stereotypical about women the rest of us have worked so hard to get out from under. If Jezebel’s brand of feminism were a corporeal woman, she would be pulling on her chewing gum and driving daddy’s car too slowly in the passing lane, her right blinker permanently on, as she drives on and on and on, oblivious to the accidents taking place behind her.

For the love of Christ, even Jezebel writers themselves can’t tell feminist from misogynistic any more. Watch this video where they giggle about how hilarious it is that they don’t know what to hate today! We don’t know right from wrong! Isn’t it fun? 

Clearly, Jezebel needs Jezebel to write an article telling them what to think. Like an MC Escher-style Mobius strip covered in tiny ants folding in on itself. Only, look closer. Those aren’t ants. They’re tiny 26-year-old white girls in vintage cat’s eye glasses. Aren’t they cute? Look at them there in the painting, walking in circles eternally.

And now, the important subject you’re actually reading this article for: Cronuts

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About the Author :

Kyria Abrahams is a writer, photographer, comedian, and the author of ‘I’m Perfect, You’re Doomed: Tales of a Jehovah’s Witness Upbringing'. For TLG, she writes thought provoking pieces about her observations towards modern feminism. Kyria is also a regular contributor to Street Boners and TV Carnage, Thought Catalog and Narratively.

  • Inuka

    I find that Jezebel also rarely shows much awareness of structural socio-economic forces, and portrays animals mostly as existing for human amusement. For example, there was an article about parents receiving a note from a teacher complaining that their children were sent dirty and smelly to school. The author took the position of lambasting and shaming the parents. With the exception of an article on the documentary Blackfish, most articles concerning animals are of the caliber of hedgehogs wearing capes and the like. There is rarely an awareness of any kind of intersectionality that feminism has made us aware of–as between, for example, capitalism and exploitation of bodies, race and class, individual actions and socio-economic factors and so forth. I might go so far as to say that Jezebel is an example of the commodification of feminism :-/

  • rob cotton

    brilliant writeup, and totally on point

    • DukeLax

      For sure!! I used to have the book “who stole feminism”??, but i cannot remember the lady’s name who wrote the book.

      • feiee

        sounds like

  • kate

    Oof. Was gonna read this, but ‘improv sucks and isn’t funny’? Color me isolated. Shitting on improv is the new hack. Jezebel isn’t perfect all the time. But nothing is. I like that it exists.

    • boerien

      trigger. warning.

    • SP

      Thanks for pointing that out. I’m not a fan of Jezebel but I will switch off as soon as “Improv sucks and is not funny” is used in any argument.

  • Question Mark

    I was completely on board with you until you stated: “Jezebel has taken a page from improv comedy in which there is never a
    reply of “no” there is only “yes, and…”. This is hardly surprising since
    improv sucks and isn’t funny.” You obviously haven’t seen any quality improv, or perhaps you had a bad class? Maybe a bad experience dating an improv person? This statement makes your article SOUND like a Jezebel article and completely discredits any validity your article had.

  • improveverywherebutjezebel


  • Harpz

    I’m not sure that it’s particularly helpful to label an entire editorial team as “snarling, hypocritical shrews.” Also, so what there’s a video of Lindy West eating some Oreos! Is she totally incapable of valid writing because she got weird with some biscuits one time? And you think the people over at Jezebel have a stick up their ass? Come on, Kyria.

    One minute you say people who write blog posts about feminism are “sociopaths”, the next minute you say they are “humourless cunts”. Aside from this astonishingly articulate critique, I’m not sure this will really do much to encourage dialogue. What, in seriousness, were you hoping to achieve through this piece?

    Yes, sure: sometimes – compared to some of the other issues you mention – Jezebel’s articles can seem a little trivial. But that’s the thing, contemporary feminism should surely take a more holistic approach, with high and low culture all in there. There’s no, single feminism: there’s definitely room for you and Jezebel.

    • riddickhater1

      “I’m not sure this will really do much to encourage dialogue.”

      Well it got you commenting, didn’t it?

      • Harpz

        I’m not sure how you conduct dialogue, but to me, suggesting that a writer doesn’t categorise an entire group of people as “cunts” doesn’t qualify.

    • ohbusiness

      I like this comment and agree with what it is saying.

    • Hah

      It would seem….

      That you’re not sure.

  • Carrie Stamper

    The biggest crapfest I’ve ever seen on Jez happens often and usually involves Lindy West…..she is, IMHO, the worst offender.

    • Mike

      Please never say that name.

      • Carrie Stamper

        She was my FB friend, but told me I wasn’t really on her level of feminism because I had “thin privilege” and she was obese. Basically it’s people like Lindy West who make it so we can’t have nice things.

        • Mike

          Yeah…and she has “education privilege”, “living in America privilege”, “white privilege”, and last but not least, the pussy pass (female privilege). We are so not on her level.

        • Clare

          Wow, is that a joke?

  • Gavin McInnes

    One thing that drives me nuts about Jezebel is how bitchy they can be about women in general. I’ll never forget this article they did about Tina Fey that said something to the effect of, “Would she be famous if she still looked like this?” and it had a whole bunch of ugly pictures of her looking frumpy and plain. That’s the same mentality frat boys have.
    Then, when GIRLS came out instead of praising Lena Dunham for creating a brutally honest and funny show that is wildly successful they focussed on the lack of diversity and the so called nepotism of the cast (apparently having a dad who drummed for Bad Company means you don’t deserve to be on TV).
    The woman who runs it is a bitter old spinster who let her ovaries dry up and instead of warning women that they have a shelf life, she’s determined to drag the entire gender down with her. What a cunt.

  • Velocisexual

    This article is so perfect it makes me want to cry. For years I’ve waited for women to finally wake up and realise what a fetid pool of crap Jezebel really is and how much damage it does to the cause of feminism. Thank you, Kyria Abrahams

    • boerien

      Trigger warning

  • fools2234

    You mean constantly engaging in male bashing, outright lying when it comes to reporting on “female issues” (like when that one woman in Canada was getting death threats from feminists because she wanted to have a debate on if feminism was anti-male, JezJez lied and claimed it was evil mens rights activists that were sending her death threats even after the woman said it was “mostly feminists”), or writing a shame language heavy article in place of facts isn’t a good way to improve feminist already horrible reputation?

    You’re not going to change those womens minds because they are too deep in the male-hate to thing rationally. And yes, this is like the majority of feminism.

  • Howard

    The feminist haters that dominate Jezebel need to be exposed and called out. The article on “Bethenny Frankel” is typical. A hate based smear on an innocent man followed by a torrent of despicable and evil comments from sad and pathetic women.
    The misandrous loathing drips from every page of that rag.

  • magdelyn c. prossii

    That. Was. F*cking. A W E S O M E ! ! !

  • Fredster

    This nailed it. But I also believe that a designated number of articles are deliberately designed to draw traffic to the site.

    • Duh

      No shit Sherlock. It’s called ‘running a magazine’.

      • Fredster

        Thanks for the clarification, you passive agressive cowardly asshole.

  • Cronuts have Rights!

    Thank you for calling out Jezebel’s perfidy.
    Now please, address Jessica Valenti’s Feministing.

    • boerien

      trigger warning

  • feiee

    Thankfully the truth was told: http://manhood101.com/ebook.html

  • Suzy Enola

    Feminism stopped fighting for equal rights a long long time ago. “Nice” feminists are beginning to notice.

    • ManWithPlan

      “Nice” feminists secretly support it.

    • James Williams

      If there are ‘nice’ feminists, why don’t they drop the pretence and call themselves egalitarians? The title ‘feminism’ suggests a focus on the feminine.

  • Aguy

    Hey, author and other folks, I’m an MRA.

    I’m really glad to see this article. For years, we’ve been calling out this sort of feminism, and for years, feminists have countered that they’re “not all like that!” or that they don’t approve of that sort of feminism… and yet it seems they stand idly by while media outlets like Jezebel say whatever they want. There’s never any significant backlash from all those feminists who are supposedly out there and feel that the Jezebels of the world (a) don’t represent them and their beliefs at all, and (b) suck.

    Now, I’m not sure what your beliefs might be. Might be you still think that there’s a male-dominated gender hierarchy and that men’s issues are some sort of patriarchal blowback that can only be cured by more feminism – in which case we’re probably not going to agree on much. But at least you finally took some kind of stand, and that shows some integrity. Thank you.

    P.S. I’m sorry about the Manhood spammer. I mean, not in the sense that it’s our fault he’s spamming you, because it isn’t, but in the sense that getting spammed by some obnoxious asshole sucks. We’re not even with that guy, really – we’re rights, he’s pickup. Totally different beliefs and goals.

  • https://www.facebook.com/groups/mensrightsmovement/ Mens Rights Movement

    Destroying feminism is necessary to protect humanity.

  • svente

    I can’t believe (oh, wait, yes I can) how many people misunderstood this well-thought out article about how Gawker media – and MSM in general – ruins feminism in order to turn it into a MRA festival. And this is why we need the feminist websites dedicated to actual feminism and advocacy that exist out there. Are they perfect? No, but they are a hell of a lot better than Jezebel and Gawker.

    • Aguy

      “I can’t believe (oh, wait, yes I can) how many people misunderstood this
      well-thought out article about how Gawker media – and MSM in general –
      ruins feminism in order to turn it into a MRA festival.”

      No misunderstanding. We’ve been saying the same sort of things – “shrill, shallow, confused”, etc. – about mainstream feminism for years. Only no one ever took us seriously because we’re men. Finally, a feminist is being honest and self-critical about a movement that desperately needs to clean house and I for one would like to encourage that sort of thing by supporting the author’s honesty. Maybe those in the audience who are sexists in denial will pay attention now that a woman is saying it.

  • Ramón Goldaraberg

    Wrong way round. Jezebel is not the problem, but a symptom.

    If Jezebel is littered with this shrill, cheap, man-bashing fake feminism is because, well, it sells. It’s because the audience is out there in the thousands. It’s because many, many others also cater for an audience of raving man-haters (not equating all feminists with man-haters, mind you) tumblr social justice warriors and salon feminists who revel in positive sexism and whiteknightery. And this echoes through the mainstream media, with silly articles in media like The Atlantic, Salon, HuffPo and many others.

    If you are looking for academic, serious feminism, I won’t be there. But I respect it at some level if it’s intellectually honest and constructive. Just don’t fool yourselves in believing that those feminists are the majority.

  • Ramón Goldaraberg

    Also, please do not begin to think that those manhood101 spammers are any kind of male rights activists. They are just in for the money, profiting from men with broken souls and damaged masculinities. Nothing to do with the MRM.

    • Wallace Prism

      I wish that were true. Unfortunately the denizens of AvFM and such like sites are showing themselves to be whiny mirror images of the narcissistic Social Justice Warrior feminists despite highlighting a lot of genuine issues.

      The absurdity of these Social Justice style loons should be quite apparent to any sane individual with their compartmentalizing of people into victim/oppressor roles based on nothing more than in or out group membership and sexuality. The notion that certain races can’t be racist or that one has to a member of an ‘oppressed’ group to be raped is pure sociopathy in the way it denies humanity to the ‘privileged’ demographic. Simple human failings and normal, harmless (and usually fun) social interactions are reasons for demanding permanent abasement to these people. Mainstream feminism is now little more than a society wide shit test manifesting the worst stereotypes of women.

      • Ramón Goldaraberg

        You don’t have to wish. Manhood101 has no ties with AVfM and the MRM at all.

        With that out of the way, I agree in spirit with you, but you got some things wrong. The MRM is not trying to compartmentalize issues by gender. Much to the contrary, in some issues as rape and DV, the MRM is fighting for men to get fair treatment and the social recognition they lack as feminists have made these non-gender issues into women-only issues.

        That said, if at some point the MRM got the same power, leverage and funding as feminism, I fear that they would indulge in the same level of indoctrination and general asshatery.

        • James Williams

          I would largely agree except for your last paragraph. It is extremely unlikely that the MRM will ever be in a position of power parity as feminism. There are too many ‘white knights’ for a start. However, I have discovered some advocates who pose as MRAs are in it to make a buck. When they are discovered by others though, they usually get the cold shoulder treatment.

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  • 5ulman

    Outstanding and angry read.

  • Eshto

    This was absolutely spot-on, brilliant, and perfectly articulated everything I have been thinking since I first encountered this bizarre Internet/blogger version of feminism about two or three years ago. I had taken Women’s Studies in college, and obtained a certificate in LGBT Studies, here in hippy dippy liberal Madison, Wisconsin, surrounded by feminists and queer activists of all stripes for the past decade. NEVER had I seen anything so shallow, spiteful and hypocritical, until I discovered Jezebel, and a few similar websites.

  • Linda M

    It’s a pity you had to throw in that line about domestic violence in an otherwise brilliant write up, since the fact that it is symmetrical between genders is one of the things feminism of most varieties keeps denying.

    Go read about all the battered men who got arrested after the cops showed up and automatically took her side. You would realize claiming to be gaslit is an effective defense while gaslighting is not. Look up the stats from this side of the century.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/girlwriteswhat/videos Astrokid

      Victims of domestic violence are easily gaslit when a man simply tells the police that she’s “crazy”. There are real women’s issues out there, if only Jezebel actually chose to cover them.

      I guess you mean the above.
      Yeah.. Its no surprise. My experience is that once I start scratching these “good feminists”, it turns out that they espouse the same core feminist theories that almost all others like jezebel do. Patriarchy Theory, Historical Oppression of Women (used to justify Affirmative Action policies), Male privilege larger than female privilege, Male Violence but not female violence in domestic situations (resulting in 600M$ p.y VAWA since 1994, Battered Women Syndrome excusing women killing their husbands/partners in cold blood), so on and so forth.

      Very few of them have the intellectual integrity to come out and trash the whole enchilada, like below.
      Dr. Janice Fiamengo interviewed on the Charles Adler show

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/girlwriteswhat/videos Astrokid

    The number of subgroups in the feminist communities going “We are the good feminists, THEM they are the bad feminists” is incredible.
    But take some solace. Its the same thing in many other groups.. liberals, conservatives, skeptics.
    Whats even more comical is the section of people going
    “Group X is as bad as those feminists”.
    Nothing makes the heart purer than decrying impurity in others – A wise man

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  • Donovan

    Before the internet feminism was about deconstructing oppression in all its forms using a set of sociological skills developed during second wave feminism to find where patriarchy was constructed and to challenge it on its hoome turf. It was not about refusing your boss’s sexual advances, but refusing to allow a work culture where someone would ever consider trying to grab your tits by understanding why that culture exists in the first place.

    All the grossly overt forms of sexual oppression are gone now, at least superficially. So feminism has continued to fight the less overt forms of sexual oppression. Rape jokes lead to rape. It’s a fact. It’s been studied repeatedly. A place where rape is treated flippantly is a place where more rapes end up taking place. End of story.

    Stopping a culture where women get raped… if that’s not feminist then I’m a rhododendron made of quartz.

  • Donovan

    Long story short, some of this article is good, some of it is not good, and that’s a woman’s right.

  • Boomadley

    You lost me when you dissed improv.

  • iguesssimmasociopath

    Enjoy your welcome to team MRA. The fact that the internet misogynist movement just LUVs you speaks for itself, methinks.

    (BTW – both Jezebel and what you’ve posted above are unhelpful tripe. Well done. *slow clap*)

  • Bill_the_Cat

    Hmm. This is an interesting perspective, though you might want to consider that, since many of the positive comments seem to be coming from MRAs, you’re probably very, very wrong.

  • beenwiser

    “Christian pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions. Victims of domestic violence are easily gaslit when a man simply tells the police that she’s “crazy”. There are real women’s issues out there, if only Jezebel actually chose to cover them.”

    Oh “if only” these searches yielded even one single relevant hit….



    I don’t think Jezebel is anything near perfect, but I don’t think the site is really making the world worse. If nothing else, it keeps a bunch of MRA PUA rape apologists busy trolling their comments sections instead of actually finding a receptive audience.

  • 856Caine

    Kicked Jezebel right in the cunt…

  • http://twitter.com/ThatChickMelly Melanie

    Yea, I dunno about calling yourself a feminist and then calling other feminists you don’t agree with “cunts”

    • riddickhater1

      she specifically states in the article that she doesn’t call herself a feminist…?

  • exjez
    • Alice Muir

      Thank you for sharing your article with us. It was an interesting read! However, while I do find it disgusting that Jezebel called a 9-year old child a ‘cunt’, i’m not sure how an article on such an issue turned into what seems like general criticism of white women. You cannot generalise white people just because one, (fairly irrelevant outside the US and Canada), blog has behaved badly. The ‘jezebel is a shitty feminist website’ issue is completely unrelated to any issue of racial inequality in my opinion. Maybe I took it the wrong way, but it felt like it was more of an attack on ‘white women’ in general, than it was on Jezebel…and that’s certainly not the way forward for racial equality. Think about it from the perspective of a white person writing your article and having similar attitudes towards black women?

      • exjez

        I’m sorry if my article was written in a way that it was misunderstood! I targeted jezebel specifically as the epitome of white-centric feminism and also, the tendency of the sort of “well-intentioned white liberal” to overlook the privileges provided for them while acting counterintuitively in race relations. Hence my start of the article on how some white people are great in engaging in diversity. I don’t think it’s undeniable that there is a huge rift between white & black feminism, especially since we’re all the same and we should be working towards a common goal of plain old equality while paying attention to the nuances of race, socioeconomic status, and gender. I have also pointed to references & examples to show that feminism, here in the U.S., is fragmented and women whom are white are often treated better than women of color. Black women are not afforded the same privileges nor are they the strongest voices of feminism (they are often confined into 2 extremes- desexualized (the “mammy”/overweight funny woman) or hyper-sexualized (over-indulgent welfare queen/”video girls”)). I truly believe in the importance of race relations and the history of feminism as a telling story of how we have gotten here today, hey it could even provide answers!

        Again, my apologies if I offended in any way previously :) xo

        • Alice Muir

          You haven’t offended me in the slightest. In fact you’ve made me realise a whole other issue which should be highlighted and explored on this blog – so thank you. Feminism always makes for great debate and discussion. I saw that your link was down – did kinja remove it?

          • exjez

            Got it (changed the username- finally became decisive :P). I agree, feminism is a very interesting debate and one of the most misunderstood concepts- you know how some people say well I don’t think I’m a feminist but I think people should be equal shtick? It makes me very sad, and I try to be like hey friend, feminism is equality! Haha

          • Alice Muir

            Ahhh I thought they had seen it and taken it down, that’s good though! Well tbh honest with you I’m not sure that feminism really is equality for two reasons. 1). It constantly highlights problems within gender equality, rather than necessarily solving those problems. (And in my personal opinion, which I discussed with kyria before she wrote this piece, a lot of this feminism chat can make women seem weak). 2). Some extreme feminists are actually IMO quite anti-male, which doesn’t do anything for gender equality either. In an ideal world I believe the way to promote gender equality is not to highlight the problems too often, but to focus on the positive more often. That’s why at TLG magazine, whenever we interview girls who are doing cool things, we try to stay away from the stereotypical “how do you feel being the only woman doing _____” question because really, who cares? The point is their doing something cool, they’re encouraging other women to get involved in whatever they’re doing by agreeing to be interviewed and by promoting their work. In my opinion, that’s a much more effective way of promoting gender equality.

          • exjez

            I think it’s important to do both: be critical and focus on the problems/gaps/struggles in order to bring about solutions and positive imagery. I’m very harsh and critical on current gender and racial issues but I also study both of these in detail to see what I, as a professional and person, can do to advance women’s rights and equality. In order for a historically disadvantage class of people to be equal to the hegemony, there must be favorable treatment or focus on their specific problems. For example I look at the “only woman doing ___” and say what else can society and I do to make this “approx. half of woman are doing ____” or helping disadvantage or poor women in their pro se cases involving divorce, domestic violence, etc in the law clinic I do work in. TLG seems like a positive experience for women and a practical alternative to the garbage Jezebel puts out there.

            But yeah- I’d be more than happy to engage in a discussion via TLG.

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  • ManWithPlan

    “Jezebels” and radical feminists in general are just honest feminists. Feminists who claim “they’re not like that” are in denial or are silent enablers.

  • James Williams

    I think that when people are screened in order to work with children, they ought to be tested for psycopathic traits. It would probably result in the purging of feminist ideologues from schools and protect children from spiteful and hate-based doctrines.

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  • vsmom

    Thank you SO freaking much for this! I am so glad other people, women, are finally standing up and saying this!

  • Nigel Tiki Nixon

    I don’t define my feminism according to some random fashion and gossip webzine. Jezebel? Seriously? That’s like calling out Weekly World News for doing gender politics wrong.

  • Alyssa

    Laughed out loud so many times while reading this. Absolutely brilliant.